About this study: the biggest problems in business ...

The purpose of this study is to help the editorial team of yourBusinessChannel identify and research the best topics for upcoming shows. Specifically, we're researching the "biggest problems in business" by industry and size of business, with a view to producing shows which help people to solve those problems. By completing this survey in confidence, you will help the editorial team to validate the topics/issues/areas of business which are of most interest to businesses like yours.

This five page questionnaire will take you between 3 and 5 minutes. Short/bullet point notes are fine where we're asking you to type answers, and much of it is "quick click" multi-choice.

As a thank you, and if you confirm at the end of the survey that you are interested, we'll send you our "participation pack" - including a summary of the survey results and some freebies from some of our experts on yourBusinessChannel - all of which will help you to be more successful in business.

Thank you in advance for your participation. We appreciate your input.

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