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* 1. Name and DCA Committee

2. You’ve just completed tutoring in your after school program. The child you are tutoring asks if you can drive him to his grandmother’s house.

3. The agency you are working in needs someone to help with a client picnic during the spring. You have severe spring allergies and being outside for long would possibly bring on an asthma attack. Do you:

4. You are working on a Habitat site. Your site leader ask if you could go out to dinner with him after the work is finished. Do you:

5. An elderly patient that you are working with gives you a necklace because she loves working with you. Do you:

6. You’re running late going to your agency because a class ran long. You realize the attire you chose for the day is not really appropriate for the middle school children you’ll be working with. Do you:

7. You pick up the keys from security and go to P4 to get your car for your service. You notice a large scrape down the side of the car. Do you:

8. While working in the shelter today, one of the clients reveals to you that he’s being charged with assault and he’s not guilty. Do you:

9. While working with a child in the shelter, you notice some bruises on the child’s arms. The child tells you she was beaten by an older child in the shelter. Do you

10. You are scheduled to go on an outing to the apple orchard with children from a shelter. You are 21 and it’s your roommate’s birthday. She would like you to have a couple glasses of wine with her before you go. You have the wine but feel a little tipsy when leaving for the outing. Do you:

11. You sign up to work with MRDD clients. The first day you feel really nervous and uncomfortable around the clients. Do you

12. You are working with a child in a shelter when she turns to you and tells you she hates her dad because he beat her mother. Do you:

13. An older man at the nursing home likes to hug you and says he loves you. You think that maybe he’s gone too far with his affection. Do you:

14. The children you tutor make racist jokes and derogatory comments towards women. Do you:

15. You’re at the playground with kids from a domestic violence shelter when you seen a man watching you. He approaches you and wants to take his son—one of the boys on the trip. Do you: