Rocky Mountain PBS -- ITVS Community Cinema Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey about Community Cinema and your experiences. Your feedback will help us shape the program and provide better service. Thank you!

1. Are you a member of Rocky Mountain PBS?

2. Which of the 11 screening locations did you attend? Please check all that apply.

3. How often do you attend Community Cinema?

4. Which screening events were your favorite this season? Please check all that apply.

5. On a scale of 1-5 (1 being “Very Dissatisfied” and 5 being “Very Satisfied”), please rank how satisfied you are with the following:

  Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied OK Satisfied Very Satisfied N/A
Film selections
Panel discussions
Rocky Mountain PBS Community Cinema website:
Community Cinema emails/notifications
Community Cinema overall

6. Why do you attend Community Cinema? Please check all that apply.

7. Has a Community Cinema film and/or the panel discussion broadened your understanding of an issue or introduced a new idea?

8. Have you taken action to learn more or share your thoughts with friends and family after a screening?

9. While Community Cinema is a free event, it does take staff time and resources to offer this program. How important is it to you that we continue Community Cinema?

10. Do free events and programs like Community Cinema make you more inclined to be a member or to give more?

11. What can we do to improve Community Cinema?

12. We are collecting testimonials about Community Cinema. Your feedback here is appreciated.

13. May we contact you regarding the above testimonial?

14. Demographic information: