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RI POLICY in the Basic Education Program, Career and Technical Education and Secondary Regulations

As a Professional School Counselor, I

1. Play an integral role in the personalization efforts of my school.

2. Provide students with multiple opportunities to ensure their progress toward meeting their post-secondary academic and career goals through my school's Comprehensive School Counseling Program.

3. Contribute to the school's Advisory Program.

4. Participate with other professionals during Common Planning Time.

5. Help students develop career plans.

6. Help ensure that transitional needs of students are clearly identified and addressed.

7. Collaborate with other responsible adults regarding students' academic, career and personal/social goals.

8. Collaborate with others on the implementation of Individual Learning Plans.

9. Implement a Comprehensive School Counseling Program in accordance with the RI Framework for Comprehensive K-12 School Counseling Programs.

10. Collaborate with other educational staff to provide developmentally appropriate services to students.

11. Utilize developmentally appropriate, planned activities to teach students about prevention of bullying, harassment, hazing, teen dating violence and sexual violence as required in the BEP.

12. Support school-wide efforts to promote a positive school climate with emphasis on mutual respect, common good, attendance, order and organization, and proper seccurity through my school's Comprehensive School Counseling Program.