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1. Are you planning to continue your formal education?

2. Now that you have graduated, how well prepared do you feel you are in each of the following areas?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Neutral
Communication – Writing Skills
Communication- Reading Skills
Math Skills
Understanding the role of science and it implications

3. How would you rate the overall quality of your education at WCCS Community College?

4. Overall, what effect has your experience at WCCS had on your self-confidence/self concept?

From your educational experiences at WCCS

5. Are you able to evaluate societal and ethical issues, problems and values?

6. Are you able to understand the history, nature, methods, and limits of science?

7. Are you able to demonstrate basic mathematical skills and knowledge?

8. Are you able to comprehend and articulate effectively in English and Speech?

9. Are you able to respond to creative expressions and to participate in creative endeavors?

10. Are you able to cooperate intelligently and democratically in all social, economic, and political relationships?

11. Are you able to utilize computer technology effectively?