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Nominees are in alphabetical order.

There are 6 openings available and 8 candidates. While you don't have to use all 6 votes, you can only vote for up to 6 people maximum. Ballots with more then 6 Nominees chosen will be put aside, unless needed for a tie breaker.

THANK YOU for helping the Staff Advisory Board work hard to make UCSC a great place to work!

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Position: Network Analyst

Statement: As an incumbent member I have greatly enjoyed my time serving on the SAB, and have found that there are some amazing people who work here at UCSC, who make representing them a honor and a privilege. I think the SAB is not recognized by most people on campus (as in…oh, aren’t those the people that put the picnic on every year?) and would feel that changing that perception is one of the goals I would like to pursue. Having a voice for staff, even on the small details is important, and the larger items such as Parking, Management, Sustainability all need to have staff input, and having done so in the past, I would like to continue for one more term. Thanks to everyone for past support for what I do, and hopefully you will see fit to elect me again.

Best Regards to all,

Don Calerdine

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Position: Sustainability Internship Coordinator

Statement: As an alumna (Environmental Studies, '02) and staff since 2010, I am deeply committed to our campus community. As a Staff Advisory Board member, I would make it my priority to learn about the interests and concerns of my colleagues and share your points of view with administration. As a Sustainability Program Manager I currently serve on UCSC's Committee on Sustainability Stewardship, The University of California Office of the President's (UCOP) Sustainability Academic Task Force, and the UCOP Sustainability Officers Work Group. I'm particularly interested in serving on the SAB in order to broaden my knowledge of our campus' operations and management beyond the scope of my work and to identify ways to translate our campus' Principles of Community into action. I would be grateful for the opportunity to work with other Staff Advisory Board members to represent you. Thank you for your consideration!

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Position: Fleet Manager

Statement: As a graduate of UC Santa Cruz, I personally witnessed the hard work and dedication that goes into delivering our students a first class education. As the campus Fleet Manager for the past 3 years, I know the pride we all feel in being able to provide our students the same tranquil environment, conducive to learning that many of us UC grads enjoyed. I strongly believe we can maintain this atmosphere for students, even in the midst of these trying times, and ensure that the staff experience continues to improve.

My concerns are your concerns. Salary has been largely stagnant for many of us, while workloads have increased. Represented staff have seen wage increases to compensate them for rising benefits contributions and we have not. Now more than ever, we need fellow staff members to advocate for us on these issues. I look forward to representing you on the Staff Advisory Board so that dialogue on these issues will continue and our voices may continue to be heard.

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Position: Conference Coordinator/Student Supervisor for Conference Services

Statement: I have been an active member of the SAB for the past three years and served on various campus committees. During this time, I maintained a strong commitment to communicating with staff to gain feedback and keep them informed about pertinent campus issues. My SAB service has given me the opportunity to be involved in several notable projects. I was the lead person for the SAB Staff Appreciation Picnic and the Junior Delegate for CUCSA (Council of UC Staff Assemblies). The quarterly CUCSA meeting is a meeting where all UC campuses send two representatives to discuss staff issues and concerns at a system wide level.

Working for Conference Services, I have the pleasure of working with a myriad of departments across campus, which, over the past 3 years, has helped me to be able to reach out to campus staff and bring their concerns back to the SAB. I would love to extend my tenure on the board and continue to be a voice for our staff both locally at our campus as well as on a system wide level.

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Position: Senior Building Maintenance Worker Supervisor

Statement: My previous term on the SAB along with other advocacy demonstrations has shown me the hypocritical nature of UCSC’s management in relation to our “Principles of Community”. Due to my political nature I will never be considered for promotion and thus have no fear to speak Truth to Power. If re-elected I will do my best to expose injustice, propose ethical alternatives and promote adherence to our Mission. As a front line supervisor suffering the consequences of salary compression I am prepared to advocate for fair compensation for exploited supervisors.

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Position: Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE)

Statement: Hello, I’m Julie Phillips and I work as a Coordinator of Residential Education at Porter College. Although a relative newcomer to UC Santa Cruz, I have worked in higher education for seven years. At the start of this career path, I pursued a Master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education, which has given me great context for understanding the complexity of issues universities encounter. When I arrived at UCSC two years ago, I fell in love with the uniqueness of the university culture, purpose, and environment of the campus. As a staff person, I believe in engaging with the campus community and frequently attend events, lectures, and performances. I value and have been committed to making personal and institutional sustainable choices that balance the needs of the economy, social equity, and the environment; thus, I look forward to seeing UCSC reach its Zero Waste Goals by 2020. I have a personal interest in diversity and social justice, and will soon complete the UCSC Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program. My past experiences living and working abroad in Mexico, China, and South Korea have further instilled a value of intercultural sensitivity and awareness.

I am interested in serving on the Staff Advisory Board because I would like the opportunity to represent the collective voice and needs of staff, as we slowly emerge from some of the troubling times UCSC has endured. When I look around at colleagues across campus, I see many a staff person whose connections to UCSC are decades long. It is clear that almost everyone here has a story to tell about what this place means to them. I believe by tapping into those stories we can find a shared vision and drive to improve the UCSC experience for all staff.

Nominated by: Shannon Smigo
Position: Coordinator of Residential Education

Statement: I am nominating a colleague to serve on the SAB. She has expressed interest in joining the SAB in an effort to get connected with the greater community. Julie has worked tirelessly at Porter College for the past 2 years serving residential students. She is truly committed to UCSC students and the campus. Julie lends excellent voice when concerns arise. She speaks from a place of passion. I know Julie would provide great leadership to the staff at UCSC. She has demonstrated leadership in her professional role on campus as well as in the Santa Cruz community.

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Position: Community Safety Program Coordinator

Statement: I served a three-year term on the Staff Advisory Board from 2008-2010 and enjoyed helping out. My workload has lightened as many of my previous committee obligations have ended, so I would like the opportunity to dedicate my efforts to serving my many staff colleagues. Thank you for your consideration. :)

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Position: Associate Director of Development

Statement: UCSC staff is a critical component of the campus community. The dwindling state support has eroded our staff resources but never the dedication in serving our students, faculty and the community. Since joining the campus in 2010, I have been deeply touched by the staff contribution in the learning experience of our students. As a career adviser for the last few years, I worked with other staff members in other academic and student service units. It would be wonderful to have the opportunity to serve them via SAB.
Diversity is a key reason for my interest in serving on SAB. Prior to UCSC, I spent much time growing a non-profit organization in leadership development, especially among Asian employees in corporations. Due to budget constraints, staff members are given fewer professional development opportunities. I would love to leverage my previous experience to grow more staff leaders.

9. Thank you for being part of the process of the public elections for the members of the Staff Advisory Board. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

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