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Thank you for participating in GIVE Denver’s 2015 School Supply Drive!

Please Read In Detail the Entire Donor Confidentiality Statement Before Continuing. 

Donor Confidentiality Statement:

Thank you for donating to GIVE Denver’s 2015 School Supply Drive! In 2014, donors like you helped us provide book bags full of back to school supplies for 750 students in need.  We know that with your help, 2015 will be a great success, too!

For the privacy and protection of the people GIVE Denver serves through our donation drives, our donors must agree to the following:

1.       Identifiable information about the donation recipient(s) will only be shared within your organization or group for the limited purpose of the School Supply Drive.

2.       Donors will only contact donation recipient(s) through the phone number or email address provided.  This information will only be shared with the donor if the donation recipient(s) has authorized.

3.       If no contact information for the donation recipient(s) is provided, donor agrees to drop off donations to the GIVE Denver Center or with the caseworker.

4.       Do not meet with the donation recipient(s) at their home or at DHS. Donors who wish to deliver donations directly to the donation recipient(s) will coordinate with the donation recipient(s) to meet at a neutral site. (Examples of neutral sites include: coffee shops, parks, public libraries, restaurants, etc.)

Thank you for your generosity and support in providing needed school supplies for students in our community!

* 1. By clicking “agree”, you are agree to the above statements and will be taken to GIVE Denver’s registration page.