Food in Euclid

1. What stores do you shop for food?

2. Do you like where you shop for food?

3. Why or why not?

4. How often do you shop for food?

5. Is it hard for you to get to the store to shop for food?

6. How do you get to the store to shop for food?

7. Are you worried about being able to purchase healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, for your family?

8. Does the store you use most to shop have healthy foods you can buy?

9. Would you like to see a food store added on Euclid Avenue?

10. If "yes" or "it depends," what type of food store would you like to see added on Euclid Ave?

11. Do you think that Euclid Ave is a good location for a farmers’ market?

12. Do you think that the community would benefit from fruit and vegetable gardens along Euclid Ave?

13. If yes or maybe, in what ways do you think the community would benefit?

14. Do you have any other comments about healthy food options in Euclid?