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1. Clicker Swap-meet Spring 2014

Thursday, March 27, 4:00pm-5:00pm
ITLAL Underground (LI-B69)

Are you a veteran Clicker user? Bring your best Clicker ideas and share them with colleagues. Not yet a Clicker-user but thinking about it? Come and hear from experienced UAlbany faculty how Clickers have transformed their classrooms. Clickers are the small handsets that students buy or rent, just like a book, and bring to class for live interactions with peers and the professor. They're easy to use, and if you're teaching a large class, they can be one sure way to animate a classroom and engage students. We've asked a few of our faculty who teach with Clickers to head up this old-fashioned event, where you bring what you've got to share, or you come out of curiosity, looking for something to take away. ITLAL will provide the refreshments.

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