Presidential Scholar Nomination - Instruction Page

Please Note:

This online nomination form does not allow nominators to save their information and complete it at a later date.

On the first page of this survey the nominator is asked to provide the following information about a potential scholar:

  1. Student’s name
  2. Student’s W #
  3. Student’s email address

If you do not know the above information about the student please consult your department’s administrative assistant before submitting the nomination.

The nomination form opens with an Abstract: The brief abstract will provide the basis for the nomination and will highlight the student’s accomplishments

You will also be asked to address three separate categories:

  1. Scholarship: Describe student’s scholarly accomplishments
  2. Diversity: Describe the student’s success in furthering multicultural programs and activities
  3. Service: Describe how the student has achieved levels of service to the community that have benefited their peers, their departments and the community

If you do not know the specific information about the student, please consult with your department’s administrative assistant before starting continuing with this nomination form.

If you wish, you can cut and paste your responses from a word document into the nomination form.

Thank You.