The purpose of the assessment tool is to provide Compassionate Ministry Centers (CMCs) with a learning and development opportunity. The tool is designed to identify areas of organizational capacity and needs for development that the organization can discuss and then begin to address. In addition, NCM, Inc. is providing CMCs with this tool to help identify the priority needs and support it will offer participating organizations in the form of consulting and training resources. This tool was developed by Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc. with consultation from BTW informing change.

The assessment consists of seven sections that correspond to seven core organization functions: Legal, Mission/Vision/Planning, Board Development, Financial Accountability, Fund Development, Human Resources, and Program Development. There are two additional sections of the assessment that will help to determine the organization’s perception of its level of development and its priority functional areas for development.


Ideally, one or more of the following people—the Executive Director (Volunteer or Paid-staff), Board Chair, Board Members, and Staff (Volunteer or Paid-staff)—would complete the assessment individually and then come together to have a discussion and reach a consensus on each item, which is then captured in one completed assessment form for your organization. The intention is that the discussion to reach consensus on the assessment items is a learning and development process for the organization.


Prior to filling out the online version of this survey, print out copies of the paper survey, which is available on the APEX web page. Distribute copies of the assessment to those individuals who will be participating in the group discussion to complete the assessment that represents the organization. Ask each designated person to complete the assessment individually and to bring a copy of their results with them to the group discussion. Complete a discussion of each item and come to consensus on an aggregate completed assessment. Once the group completes this process, you may enter your results electronically here, or send a hard copy version to:

NCM, Inc.
APEX assessment
17001 Prairie Star Parkway, Suite 100 ● Lenexa, KS 66220 ● (800) 214-4999