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1. What is your age?

2. What is your gender?

3. What is your country of residence ?

4. 2. Do you know or have you ever heard about Tanzania?

5. If your response for question 5 above is "Yes" then, how did you know about it ?

6. Are you familiar with English Premier League (EPL)

7. If your response in question 7 is "YES" ," Tanzania has been advertising its potential tourist attractions through the English Premier League ( EPL)" , have you ever seen any commercial advert about Tanzania in the soccer matches?

8. If your response in question 8 is "YES " then what information do you remember to have seen as an advert in the Premier League concerning Tanzania?

9. Do you have any plan to visit Tanzania either for leissure or business in the near future?

10. If your response in question 9 is "YES" then which places do you prefer to visit during your stay in Tanzania ?