* 1. What is your name? (Last Name, First Name)

* 2. Would you be interested in a non-running event El Paso Area Cross Country Alumni get together? (If yes, which type of event)

* 3. Would you be interested in running in an Alumni Event 5K?

* 4. If an Alumni 5K was organized and scheduled, when would you like to see it run?

* 5. Which applies best to your current status.

* 6. If you are currently in Junior High or High School, what is your graduation year?

* 7. If you are an alumni running in college, what was your graduation year of High School?

* 8. Which era did you graduate? (Only for those who checked Old Fart Alumni).

* 9. Which school did you run for? (Only for Old Fart Alumni).

* 10. Which shoes are the best ever created?