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1. Your Current Business

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Are you an experienced, aspiring, new chef or entrepreneur who would love to get your business off the ground?

Are you looking to rent a commercial kitchen in the DC, Prince Georges, Maryland, and Virginia area?

We know from experience, whether starting or running an established food business, that it can be a real challenge.

You can't manufacture or prepare food for sale out of your home and setting up a licensed commercial kitchen is very costly and involved.

The solution is to rent or share a certified kitchen. Commercial kitchen rentals offer a benefit to kitchen space seekers and property owners alike.

We could provide commercial kitchens that are Health Department Licensed and designed for all food related businesses.
~A building with shared kitchens- in D.C.
~An opportunity to start or expand your food related business without the huge expense involved in building a commercial kitchen
~Kitchens that are equipped with commercial stoves, refrigerators, freezers, storage shelves, pots, pans, and large stainless-steel work tables
~An opportunity for short-term, long-term, full-time or part-time usage--and private use during your own times in the kitchen
~A place where you can teach cooking classes, test recipes for your new restaurant, make your product to sell at Farmer’s Markets, and more
Please visit us at http://www.honeybiscuits.com

This survey will allow us to better service your food needs.

Please read and respond to each question. Your responses are valuable!

1. What type of company or group do you have now or want to be?

2. What food item(s) are you now or would you be interested in preparing? Select all that apply.

3. What facilities or services are you currently using to meet your food service needs?

4. How often might you be interested in using this facility?

5. Approximate volume of production: