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1. What was your primary reason for applying for a Concealed Pistol License?

2. What is your zip code?

3. Overall, how easy do you feel it was to go through the CPL application and renewal process with our Office?

4. How satisfied are you with the length of time it took to complete this process from beginning to end?

5. In thinking about your customer service experience with us, was the quality of customer service you received:

6. Is there anything you would change about the application process to make it more customer service oriented? If so, what?

7. Were our services: (Please check all that apply).

  Customer oriented Easy to Understand and Use Helpful Thorough Quick and Efficient None of the above
Please check all that apply.

8. How would you rate the overall knowledge and helpfulness of the specific employee who helped you?

9. Was there a wait time when you visited the Records Unit office?

10. If you chose "yes" on question #9, what was the length of time you waited?