SBL Scholarship Application 2015

This online tool will lead you through options to determine which scholarships you may be eligible to apply for. Some scholarships require short essays. You may wish to write these essays in a word processing program then copy and paste them into this document. Each essay has a character limit which is noted in the prompt. You cannot save your responses and return to your application. If you would like to review all the scholarships and their prompts, please return to the SBL Scholarship and Award webpage.

Scholarship applications must be received by Monday March 9, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

You do not have to apply for all scholarships you are eligible for. If you have questions about applying online, please contact the School of Business and Leadership at or 253-879-3392.

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. Extra-Curricular Activities
Please list organization memberships, community service, volunteer work and other activities in which you are involved. Include family commitments such as parenting, which helps us understand your level of involvement. Be sure to indicate the extent or frequency of your participation. You are limited to 100 characters for each response.

* 3. Employment History
Please list pertinent positions, beginning with the most recent. Go no further back than the last three years.
Please respond in the following format:
Company Name, City, Position Held, Hours per week, and Dates.
Use this format for each employer.
Maximum allowed response: 2000 characters.

* 4. Do you plan to keep working during the upcoming academic year?

* 5. Are you a business major?