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1. Criminal Records Unit

The goal of this survey, with your help, is to help us better serve you whenever you require services from the Criminal Records Unit.

Please take a few minutes to answer these questions, offer comments and help us move the customer service experience forward.

Thank you!

1. The purpose of your most recent visit was to obtain a:

2. How many miles roundtrip were you required to drive in order to complete your transaction with the Criminal Records Unit?

3. How would you rate the staff that helped you?

4. Were you required to make more than one telephone call or visit in order to conclude your business with the Criminal Records Unit?

5. Were you delayed, or denied service by our Criminal Records personnel for any of the following reasons?

6. Please share with us your comments of how our service met your expectations or needs to improve.

7. How would you rate your overall customer service experience with the Criminal Records Unit?

8. What can we do to make your business with the Criminal records Unit more efficient and effective?

9. Please indicate the location where you received service: