Hello DC NACE Family

Your 2017 DC NACE Board is looking to hear from you!  Please answer these 10 questions to help us create a better DC NACE experience for you!

* 1. I work for the following area(s), check all that apply:

* 2. Length of time in the industry 

* 3. Considering programming, for monthly meetings, what topics are of most interest: (base on 1-5 with 5 of most interest)

  Little Interest Some Interest Moderate Interest Good Interest  Most Interest
Networking Events
Events that highlight and showcase new venues
Wine tasting programs
Experts with Legal/Contracting advice
Experts with Insurance/COI advice
Events focusing on sustainability initiatives
Panels sharing previous event stories
Event Related book promotions
Culinary focused events
Events catered to the LGBTQ market
Social Media Tips
Calligraphy Classes
Photography Classes
Career Workshops 
Floral Designs
Event Trents

* 4. What other events would you like to see at DC NACE Monthly Meetings?

* 5. What time is most convenient for you to attend a DC NACE Monthly Meeting?

* 6. What are area(s) are most easily accessible for you to attend a monthly meeting? (check all that apply) 

* 7. What is the most important factor in your decision to join the monthly meeting?

* 8. Are you interested in joining the DC Chapter programs committee? (Type in Name, Email and Phone Number)