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1. Which of the following best describes your role in the OpenStack community? Please choose all that apply.

2. Did you attend the OpenStack Design Summit, Conference or both?

3. How did you like the Design Summit and Conference timing, in terms of the length (three days Summit, two days Conference w/ workshops Friday afternoon) and sequence (Summit before Conference, no overlap)? Please choose all that apply and provide any additional feedback.

4. Please rate the event on the following criteria (1 to 4) and provide additional comments to help us improve:

  Poor (1) Fair (2) Good (3) Excellent (4) N/A
* Overall
* Location (City)
* Venue (Hotel)
* Network
* Session rooms (size, acoustics, equipment)
* Event information (screens, schedule)

5. The next Design Summit & Conference will be coming up in 6 months, so we are starting to scope locations now. The Fall 2012 event will again be in the U.S. but we are planning other events in Asia, Europe, and South America in 2012 & 2013. For the Fall event, which of the following regions do you think makes the most sense?