1. This is my evaluation of...

Ratings: When evaluating your student intern, please compare him/her with employees who are completing their first year of employment with your company.

Please use the five-point rating scale with one being the lowest and five being the highest ranking possible.

1 - DID NOT MEET EXPECTATIONS – Student consistently failed to complete tasks or behave as expected. A permanent employee who performed in this manner would be terminated.

3 - MET EXPECTATIONS – Student consistently completed tasks and behaved as expected.

5 - MET & EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS - Student met all expectations and exceeded expectations in some areas. The performance parallels what is seen in high-performing permanent employees.

NA – Not applicable or unable to evaluate, more information is needed to rate the student.

  1- Did NOT meet expectations 3- Met expectations 5- Met & exceeded expectations N/A
Engineering skills
Math skills
Science skills
Software skills
Hands-on skills
Quality of work
Quantity of work
Ability to learn new information quickly
Ability to apply information
Ability to think critically
Verbal communication
Written communication
Punctuality & attendance
Time management, meets deadlines
Ability to accept criticism
Seeks assistance when necessary
Trustworthiness, ability to maintain confidentiality
Effective use of interpersonal communication
Demonstrates initiative (self-starter)
Ability to work in a team

3. List the main tasks or projects completed by this intern.

4. Name two strengths or areas where the intern excelled.

5. Name two weaknesses or provide suggestions for improvement.

6. If you have any general comments about this student, please share them here.

7. Based on your experience with this student, would you be willing to hire another intern from Clemson's Department of Automotive Engineering?

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10. As a reminder, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to everyone who completes an evaluation. Please include your initials below to certify that you are the student's supervisor and are completing this evaluation in good faith.