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This survey is intended to gather information relating to the experiance of live performers of electronic dance music with an emphasis on the use of midi controllers as a tool for live improvisation or composition

1. As an electronic artist –
Do you find live improvisation/composition performance more satisfying?

2. Which of the following formats is having the greatest degree of influence on electronic dance music?

3. Do you think an audience can tell the difference between controller led live performance and pre-composed sets?

4. If your performance uses software sequencers, what do you use?

5. If you use hardware, what do you use?

6. What controller(s) do you use for live performance.

7. Do you feel that convergent technologies such as iPads using audio applications are having an impact on the performance?

8. Describe what performing live means to you?

9. If your live set up uses controllers how do you use them

  Yes No
As my main performance instrument
As a tool to add or control EFX
To trigger clips/scenes/tracks in a sequencer
Do you use a keyboard style controller
Do you use a non keyboard controller
Do you use controllers to perform as a DJ
Do you perform as an electronic musician
Do you compose your own live material
Is your performance a live improvisation
Is your performance a Hybrid