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1. Do you currently work or have you worked in the food service industry?

2. This class is currently scheduled from 9am-3pm, Monday thru Friday. Would you be able to attend this course at the scheduled time?

3. Are you able to self pay?

4. Would you need to speak to someone regarding financial aid?

5. Are you over 18 with a high school diploma or the equivalent of a high school diploma?

6. What is your motivation for exploring this Culinary Program? Choose all answers that apply.

7. Being a Certified Chef is how important to you?

8. Could you dedicate 9 months to a Culinary Program?

9. If you would like more information on this new Culinary Program offered through the Apollo Adult Workforce please submit your email and phone number in the box below.

10. If you have any comments for us as we structure this brand new Culinary Arts program please comment in the box below.