The Pediatric Transplant Center and all of our Solid Organ Transplant Programs would like to thank you and your family for attending Family Celebration Day. If you have a moment, please fill out this survey to help us better plan for future events. If you have filled out a hard copy survey, please do not fill out the online survey.

Family Celebration Day Committee

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2. Please indicate age of patient attending:

3. Did you and your family enjoy the 7th Annual Pediatric Transplant Center Family Celebration Day?

4. Were you happy with the notifications/mailings for this event?

5. Were you satisfied with the timing and location of the event?

6. Was the food selection within you or your child’s dietary restrictions?

7. Please rate your satisfaction with the following activities:

  1 Low 2 3 4 5 High N/A
Medical Play
Scavenger Hunt
Dunk-A-Doc Tank
Teen Table - Teens Take Charge
Teen Table - Teen Event

8. Would you like to see similar activities at future events?

9. List additional events you may like to see at future Family Celebration Days.

10. Would you and your family attend again?

11. If you traveled to the event via the shuttle service provided by the Pediatric Transplant Center, how would you rate the service?

12. Is the shuttle service important for you to be able to attend the event?

13. How important to your family's enjoyment of the event is the option to purchase additional tickets?

14. Would you want to see the option to purchase additional tickets offered in the future?

15. Are you interested in getting involved?

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