1. How did we do this year at The Classic Race?

Thanks so much for participating in the 27th Annual Classic Race. We appreciate your feedback as we work to continually make this race something you look forward to every year. Please be as blunt and honest as you feel comfortable - we can take it, don't hold back. This survey is completely anonymous. We'll never know who responded to this survey. However, if you don't respond there is no way that we can improve the race next year. Thanks for taking 3-5 minutes of your time to answer these five questions regarding the race. See you next year!

* 1. How did you hear about The Classic Race? (Check any that apply)

* 2. Please rate the following elements of The Classic Race (Check the box that best describes how you feel about that piece of The Classic Race).

  You need some help here. Could Improve Neutral Good You've nailed it! Do not change this part of the race.
Race Advertising
Online Registration
Packet Pickup
Race Course Location
Ability to Follow the Course
Awards Ceremony
Race Shirts
Race Timing
Race Date
Race Price
Staggered Start
Goodie Bag

* 3. Where do all of the proceeds of The Classic Race go?

* 4. What can we do to make your race experience better next year?

* 5. Will you return to participate in The Classic Race next year?