1. Are you a Business Owner looking to grow their business and increase profits through the science of?

Being a Business owner can be a difficult and challenging gig!

You need to keep your eye on all the balls you juggle. You can't afford to drop your attention from any one area of your business. Doing so may mean the downfall of your empire!

By being on top of the Sales Game in your business you can ensure that this part of your organisation is under control and being managed efficiently and effectively to return the maximum benefits with the minimal amount of effort on you behalf.

With the correct techniques, processes and people in place you can ensure the area of Sales is under control and being effective.

In order for us to help you achieve this Nirvana(!) we have a survey on the following page for you to do in order for us to identify areas where you may be at risk of "dropping the ball"!

Please take a minute to complete the survey and we will get back to you with a chart showing areas you may need to address and areas that you can be sure will continue to assist you in being a successful business owner!

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* 1. So we can forward the results onto you with our comments we require that you complete the following information.

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* 2. What is your position within your Company?

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* 3. What is it you love about selling and/or sales?