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* 1. When it comes to health do you consider yourself:

2. Do you look for products that are free of toxins or other (potentially) harmful ingredients?

3. Are you/would you be more inclined to buy organic and/or natural products for your kids than yourself?

4. What kind of products are you most interested in when it comes to your (and your loved one’s) health? (Please select all that apply.)

5. Have you ever bought something just because you liked the concept behind the company that produced a product? Or you liked the cause that the product supported?

6. If you answered yes to the previous question, were you more satisfied with your purchase because of the concept behind it? (If you answered no skip to the next question.)

7. Do you read the ingredients of items you buy or read where/how it was made?

8. Have you ever decided not to buy something because it wasn’t good or healthy for you?

9. Would you buy a different product if a trusted friend were to tell you something was healthier, safer and/or more reliable than what you currently use?

10. Given all that you have to manage in your life, would a website, community and/or app providing easy to use information on healthy/safe products and ways to keep a healthier home be useful for you?