1. Did you interview in a

2. Please rate your experience interviewing in a

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied N/A

3. Please describe your interviewing experience, both the good and the bad.

4. If you used a table, would you have rather used a room?

5. What factors played a role in your choice of a table or a room: cost, availability, or another reason? Please explain.

6. Do you think search committees at free tables might use a separate room with WiFi access for Skype interviews? This room would require a fee, and could only be used on an hourly basis.

7. How could the AHA improve the annual meeting Job Center?

8. Were you able to participate in other parts of the meeting, such as sessions or receptions?

9. Field of position for which you were conducting interviews:

10. Total number of applicants interviewed at the meeting:

11. The interviews were

12. Days on which you have conducted or will conduct interviews:

Many thanks for your assistance. We hope to see you next year in Washington, D.C.!