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1. 2012 May MCWN Program / Rachel Cosgrove

1. Did you attend the May luncheon?

2. Please rate these items

  Disliked It was OK Liked Loved it
Using the Website and Paypal for Reservations

3. Did you enjoy the presentation?

4. Please rate the presentation by Rachel Cosgrove.

  I disliked it I was not too interested It was OK Liked it Loved it
Length of Presentation
Overall Presentation

5. Do you feel that you gained one thing to give you "the slight edge"?

6. Do you feel bringing in successful speakers from out of the area once a year for our monthly luncheons helps to increase your business?

7. Did you know that members paid the usual ticket price of $16 in advance?

8. Do you have a speaker that you would like to recommend for one of our monthly luncheons?

9. Thanks for completeing this survey. We value your opinion as we strive to make Mesa County Women's Network a place to meet other successful business women in our community.. Please feel free to add any other comments you may have.