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1. Rivanna River Clean-Up/Clean the Bay Day Registration

Please complete this registration page for the Clean The Bay Day River Cleanup so we can assure that we have enough people and equipment at selected locations.

Date: Saturday, June 1, 2013
Time: 9:00am - noon

1) Riverview Park - 1999 Chesapeake St. & Riverside Ave, Charlottesville, 22902
2) Free Bridge Trail Area - Rt. 250 and High Street (stairs at the Auto Zone Parking Area)
3) Meadow Creek - Trash Pickup at Michie Dr.
4) Woodlands Road & Bridge - County route 676 - boat launch ramp

Please take a moment to complete the registration page below. We know that we can't accomplish our clean water goals without YOU. We appreciate your willingness to care for the Rivanna and its tributaries and we thank you for helping to Keep the Rivanna River Clean...

* 1. Your contact information will help us organize the various clean-up crews.

* 2. How many volunteers are in your party? Please include their names and ages.

* 3. Please indicate your top two choices of clean-up location...

  First Choice Second Choice
Meadow Creek - Trash pick up at Michie Dr.
Woodlands Road & Bridge ((County route 676) -boat launching ramp
Riverview Park - 1999 Chesapeake St. & Riverside Ave, Charlottesville, 22902
The Free Bridge (Rt 250 & Rt High St.)
-Trash Bags
-Latex Gloves
-Water/ Refreshments
-Removal and Recycle of Trash

-Bug repellent
-Brimmed hat
-Work gloves
-Shoes and clothes that can get dirty and wet!
Thank you for completing this registration form. We are thrilled that you will be able to participate in the Rivanna River Cleanup/Clean The Bay Day 2013.

We will send you a confirmation and directions to your site soon. All volunteers, unless notified otherwise, will meet at their selected site at 9:00am on June 1, 2013.

Rivanna Conservation Society (RCS)
(434)97-RIVER (977-4837) or (202) 297 3563 - cell