* 1. What is your age and gender?

* 2. Have you ever trained a dog to hunt migratory birds?

* 3. Training migratory birds dogs to retrieve live or wounded birds is important to me as a dog trainer.

* 4. How much do you approximately spend on training dogs to retrieve migratory birds?

5. I am interested in training my dogs with replicas of real birds instead of using live birds

* 6. Do you subscribe to any hunting blogs, magazines, websites, etc.? If so, which ones?

* 7. Do your dogs react differently to a live retrieve versus a dead retrieve?

* 8. Has your dog ever hesitated to bring back a bird because it was still alive (crippled, shaking, or grazed)

9. When training the dog, did you find it useful to go from small to large, or did you just use one size fits all?

* 10. Thinking about previous purchases of products to train dogs, what were the important features to your purchasing decision.