Community Needs Assessment Survey

This survey will be used in conjunction with other information to better understand the challenges you face each day. Information gathered here will help shape community planning. Participation is voluntary and information collected will remain anonymous.

* 1. What are the five greatest needs/challenges which you (your family) are experiencing today? Please list in order of importance with #1 being the most important.

* 2. How do you feel that your community is addressing the following topics? Please mark the most appropriate response. VERY WELL, my community is successfully addressing this issue. EFFECTIVELY, my community has programs/services in place that address this issue. SOMEWHAT, my community has some programs in place to address this topic, but there are still needs not addresses. POORLY, the programs in my community are not adequately addressing this issue. NOT AT ALL, there are no programs in my community that address this issue.

  Very Well Effectively Somewhat Poorly Not At All
Mental Health
Senior Services
Entrepreneurial Resources
Parent Support
Home Ownership
Home Heating Costs
Job Training
Volunteer Opportunities
K-12 Education
Affordable Rental Housing
Youth/Tween Services
Availability of food
Post Secondary Education
Substance Abuse

* 3. The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) is a private non-profit community action agency. Services are offered based on the needs identified in local communities. What do you see as HRDC's role in providing solutions to the community needs identified previously.

50% of survey complete.