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1. Off Campus Orientation

Please rate the extent to which you agree with each of the following statements regarding your orientation experience.

1. The online orientation was easy to navigate.

2. Instructions provided were simple and easy to follow.

3. The orientation session provided me with important information about college programs, and support services.

4. The session helped me to understand the institution’s expectations of me as a student.

5. The orientation provided information about scheduling, registration and campus life.

6. The orientation provided information about federal, state and local laws as they apply to financial aid and college testing and placement.

7. The orientation session provided me with information and instructions on how to use college electronic resources.

8. Any questions I had going into the session were answered by the orientation or I was provided with information about whom to contact to get my questions answered.

9. The fact that the session was supported by a web-based presentation made it easier to follow.

10. I found the majority of the information in the session to be useful.

11. As a result of the session, I understand the importance of academic advising.

12. Overall, I found the session to be beneficial.