1. Institutional arrangements

Basic information about national institutions, their position in the administration, legislation and regulation

* 2. Exact Title of the National Meteorological or Hydrometeorological Service (NM(H)S). Please provide the title in the local language and the translation in English

* 3. Title of the parent organization (Ministry, Agency, etc)

* 4. What is the legal status of the NMHS (e.g., Agency, Department, State owned enterprise, etc)?

* 5. Is the NM(H)S responsible for operational hydrology?

6. If your answer on the preceding question is "No", please provide the name of the National Hydrological Service. When responsibility in the fields of operational hydrology and water-resources assessment activities is shared among different institutions, or a National Hydrological Service as such does not exist, NHS is normally understood as the institution from which the Hydrological Adviser has been designated.

* 7. Is the NM(H)S responsible for the provision of meteorological service for aviation? Select the appropriate answer from the list below.

* 8. In your country, is there a law, decree or other legislative act on meteorology (or hydrometeorology, or similar)?

* 9. Provide the title of the primary legislative act that determines the functions of your Service.

* 10. Please indicate any other regulatory framework applicable to the functions of your Service (at the level of Ministry; LoAs or MoUs with other agencies, etc.) Limit your answers to major ones, e.g., agreement with Civil Protection agency for warning information, etc.

25% of survey complete.