Signing Time Foreign Language Survey

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Dear Customer,

Two Little Hands Productions, home of Signing Time, is conducting a market research survey.

We have seen a rise in interest for foreign languages to be included in our Signing Time products. This survey will allow us to better understand your needs and opinions about our products and services.

The survey is 18 questions long and will take you less than 3 minutes to complete. To thank you for your time and responses you will receive a 10% coupon on the final survey page (valid through August 31, 2009) to use at You must complete the survey to see the coupon code.

We value your thoughts and responses and thank you for helping make Signing Time the great success that it is.

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* 1. If Signing Time were to create DVD products that include foreign language(s) would you be interested in such a product?

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* 2. We are considering two different options for foreign language versions of Signing Time programs. Please rate each option based on your preferences. (Both options will include subtitles in English and the foreign language. The original English version of the program will also be included in both options.)

Option #1 -- The entire show dubbed into Spanish (or other foreign language), except for the songs which would remain in English.

Option #2 -- The entire show in English, with the words for featured signs spoken in both English and Spanish (or other language). For example, you would hear the word "cat," followed by the Spanish word for cat, "gato."

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* 3. What languages would you be interested in seeing incorporated into Signing Time DVD products?

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* 4. Based on current technology innovations, Signing Time DVDs could potentially hold up to 4 different language versions of the same show on one DVD.

How many languages would you like to see included on one DVD in addition to the standard English version?

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* 5. Adding additional foreign languages to our existing DVD products would add to the cost of producing the DVD.

Would you pay more for a Signing Time DVD that has more then one language included on the DVD?

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* 6. How much would you be willing to pay for a Signing Time DVD that includes more than one language?