Many of today's job seekers--at even the most accomplished senior levels--would not find a job in a thriving, robust economy. Take this short quiz to find out if you are truly focused on the job search basics that will propel you toward a desirable job.

As you read each question, do not answer "yes" unless it is 100% true!

Your answers will go directly to 9 Lives for Women Founder Kathryn Sollmann, who will score your results and give you some free advice customized to your job search needs.

* 1. I feel confident and positive about my job search.

* 2. I know the general salary range that I am seeking, and the minimum that I could accept to meet my personal financial obligations.

* 3. I have fully considered the kind of job commitment (full-time, part-time, independent contractor, etc.) that will work best for me and my family and I have buy-in from all constituents.

* 4. I have a very clear and realistic understanding of the type and level of position I am qualified for at this time.

* 5. Even though I have many skills and talents, and even though it is a difficult job market, I know that telling employers that I am flexible and willing to do any type of job is more negative than positive.

* 6. I know that employers hire candidates who can jump right in and add immediate value--and I can clearly articulate problems that I can solve, challenges that I can meet and initiatives that I can lead in my area of expertise.

* 7. I have an "elevator speech" (no more than five minutes in length) that quickly summarizes for friends, colleagues, networking contacts and potential employers the most important work I have done in the past, my specific skills and expertise and the type of positions I am now seeking.

* 8. I know my underlying work motivations and the kind of company and culture that would be the best fit for me.

* 9. I have targeted and thoroughly researched (via web sites, current media reports, discussions with current or past employees, etc.) companies that appear to be the right fit for my skill set and underlying work motivations.

* 10. Whether or not I am technically "unemployed", I know that when I'm in job search mode I have a full-time sales job. I've adopted the traits of top sales professionals--tenacity, resourcefulness and persistence. I get up every morning and think, "how could I do an even better job of packaging and selling myself?"

* 11. I have only one (two page maximum) version of my resume (not several versions directed to different types of jobs), and a summary statement at the top that gives employers (in 50 words or less) a quick snapshot of the key skills and experience I have to offer.

* 12. On my resume each position description details my major responsibilities and gives potential employers a clear picture of the size and scope of the job as well as the metrics to "prove" I was successful.

* 13. At least three people who have proven writing and editing skills have proofread my resume for errors that could cost me an interview.

* 14. I am totally on board with the fact that my #1 job search strategy must be networking--and I don't let any discomfort about "approaching strangers" stand in my way.

* 15. I have exhausted every possible personal networking contact from my past jobs, alumni groups, religious affiliations, other school parents, book groups, tennis groups, country clubs, etc.--and I've considered every possible way that I know people, who my husband knows, my sister knows, who my friends know, etc.

* 16. I know that the greatest percentage of my job search time should NOT be searching for opportunities on company or mass market job boards.

* 17. When I pursue a job opportunity I always do more than email my resume to the appropriate contact person. I always include a cover letter that very specifically sells my fit for the job: a point by point match-up of my skills and experience with the stated requirements/responsibilities.

* 18. When I prepare for an interview I do not get ready to apologize for any aspect of my past experience or my time out of the workforce.

* 19. I have zeroed in on and fully rehearsed two or three examples from my past experience that illustrate why I am qualified for the type of job that I am seeking.

* 20. I have thought about and rehearsed answers to questions that I will likely be asked in a networking conversation or interview--and my answers will exude confidence and competence.