The purpose of this questionnaire is to solicit information on the effectiveness of the library research skills and subject-specific workshops with the intent to increase dialog with instructors and develop better methods of teaching and assessing information competency (IC) among CCSF students. A goal is to develop collaborative ways in which librarians and instructors work together to ensure all students develop IC skills and learn to apply them in all of their coursework.

* 2. What is your course number?

* 3. How many students are enrolled in your course?

* 4. Which library workshop(s) did you assign your students to complete?

* 5. How would you rate your students' research skills at the beginning of the semester?

* 6. How would you rate your students' research skills after the workshop and after they have applied those skills to their coursework?

* 7. What level of research skills must your students have in order to succeed in your courses?

* 8. Please rate your students' ability to perform IC tasks, after the instructional session and evidenced by their coursework. Students in my course are more able to:

  Developing Proficient Exceeding Expectations N/A
determine the nature and extent of the information needed and identify keywords
differentiate between popular vs. scholarly, specific vs. background, and primary vs. secondary sources of information
recognize the type of information source needed and know which access tool is needed (e.g. library catalog, periodical database and web search tool)
construct a search strategy using appropriate keyword or subject terms, Boolean logic, truncation, and limiters
evaluate information and its sources critically and incorporate selected information into coursework
cite sources using a consistent documentation style and construct a bibliography

* 9. Do you think the library workshop helped your students to understand research/information competency skills and apply them to their coursework? Please comment.

* 10. Did the lists of references submitted by your students include appropriate, high-quality, information resources? Please comment.

* 11. Did the library skills workshop and/or communication with your subject librarian prompt you to change your assignment(s) in any way? Please comment.