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What is 'Hello Flamingo'? It's a safe space for sharing, caring and learning. It's a grown ups 'Dolly Doctor'. You ask a question, I answer.

'Hello Flamingo' is for anyone who has a burning question. A question that perhaps they feel like they can't talk with anyone in their life about.

This space is a safe place for you to put your question out into the universe. No-one needs to know who you are, your private business is safe here. None of your personal details will be attached to the question that you send through to me - no name, no Facebook profile - NOTHING! It is 100% anonymous.

Why should you share your question? I'm glad you asked. There are three key reasons:

one - sometimes the things we are struggling with and that we hold inside of us cause us to feel uneasy in our bodies and in our minds. Often, we don't realise the impact that this has on us until we 'release' it. We feel lighter. Our aches subside. Our rumination ceases. Our thoughts become clearer.

two - a lot of people out there will be struggling with a similar problem. I assure you of this. Hearing your story will let them know that they are not alone. Often in life we share only our highlight reel with others. Sometimes, even our partners, families and besties are oblivious to the things that we are struggling with. There is strength and power in sharing these struggles that cannot be underestimated. Damn straight.

three - sometimes the things we struggle with can feel a bit embarrassing. In this space you are anonymous. You don't have to leave your name and your question cannot be linked back to you.