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The information you provided here will only be used for Kent State University China Centre to mail admission packet to students. KSU China Centre will never use it for commercial purpose.

* 1. 申请类型 (Level)

* 2. 申请何时入学 (Admission term)

* 3. 申请人中文名 (Applicant Name in Chinese)

* 4. 申请人姓名拼音 (Applicant Name in Pinyin)

* 5. 性别 (Gender)

6. 申请人手机号码 (Applicant's Mobile Phone Number)

* 7. 申请人电子邮箱 (Applicant Email)

* 8. 出生日期 (Date of Birth)

* 9. 网申Login ID (Web-application Login ID)

10. 中介机构名称 (顾问+电话) 或 自己申请 (Agent info or no agent)

11. TOEFL or IELTS score

12. SAT or ACT score (本科申请)

13. GRE or GMAT score (研究生申请)

* 14. 拟申请专业 (Major Applied)

* 15. 重要:快递邮寄地址(中文)+ 手机号码 (Mailing address in Chinese & contact number)