* 1. Occurrence of “God-things”. God-Things are miracles, supernatural events that defy natural laws, unaccounted-for favor and blessings, serendipity, “chance” meetings or occurrences that are more than chance, signs, etc. Basically God’s intervention in my company and my life.

1 – I feel like God is not even involved in my life or company.
5 – I feel like God is here at the office but I cannot think of too many God Things that have happened.
10 – I feel like God –Things happen to me all the time!

* 2. Peace in the office (the office you are in).
1 – There is conflict and contention throughout the office.
5 – The office has its share of conflict and contention and I would say our peace level is about average but it could be better.
10 – Our office is so peaceful; the people get along and work together in harmony.

* 3. Agreement in office among leaders
1 – My leaders do not agree at all. There is constant strife and contention.
5 – My leaders agree on most things; we have our share of disagreements but we are probably average.
10 – My leadership team works together in harmony and we are very productive.

* 4. Marital/family peace
1 – There is no peace in my marriage or family.
5 – My marriage and family are about the same as any other (Christian Leader)
10 – My marriage and my family are off the charts.

* 5. Favor, corporate, exposure, new clients, not having to do much to get there.
1 – I do not sense God’s favor on this company; we have so many issues.
5 – I feel God’s favor on the company in a general sense but it could be more.
10 – I feel God’s favor to such an extent that if He blessed us anymore I don’t know what I would do.

* 6. Breakthrough(s), corporate
1 – We breakthroughs on so many fronts. I feel like we are stagnated. We just need a break.
5 – I feel like things are breaking loose and that we are getting some traction but there needs to be more.
10 – We have had so many breakthroughs in the last few months, I am simply amazed. Every light is a “green”.

* 7. My clarity of vision
1 – I do not feel like I have clear direction from God for his company.
5 – I feel like I have adequate vision for this company.
10 – My vision is 100% clear, focused and expanding.

* 8. Revenue
1 – Company revenue is just not where it needs to be.
5 – I am satisfied with our corporate revenue.
10 –Our revenue is through the roof. Looking at a private jet.

* 9. My prayer life
1 – is almost non-existent.
5 – Is fair. I am not the best Prayer and I don’t even pray every day at the same time and place, it certainly could be better.
10 – Please send me your prayer requests. I am that pumped-up about my prayer time.

* 10. Relationship closeness with the Lord
1 – I feel the Lord is very distant.
5 – I feel like the Lord is my friend and that He is “for me” in a general sense but I still feel like there is so much more that I can have in my relationship with Him.
10 – I feel like Adam in the garden and that I walk and talk freely with God. I can tell God anything and I am open to His input and I feel His love.

* 11. Joy level
1 – I do not feel joy at this time.
5 – My joy level is about the same as the next leader.
10 – If I were any more joyful I would be delivering presents at Christmas to all the children of the world.

* 12. I need victory over at least one issue or area in my personal life
Yes or no

* 13. Feeling that my wife and family (if appropriate) and I are protected by God and that we are “safe”.
1 –Some things have happened recently and I feel that we are exposed. I am having a tough time trusting God.
5 – I feel like we are protected about the same as any other leader.
10 – I feel God’s hands on my life, my wife and my children (if appropriate). I feel that God would save me from any dangerous situation. I can be bold and I have no fear.

* 14. Feeling that I am a Success
1 – Right now, I can say that I feel like a failure.
5 – I feel about as successful as the other guy, I have some accomplishments but I know I have more to do.
10 – I feel like the King of the World and that God has abundantly blessed and prospered me.

* 15. What does success in life mean to you?

* 16. What would you like to especially receive from the intercession and from the Lord’s people praying for you, your family and your leaders?

* 17. What would you like to especially receive from the coaching/counselling? IE, what are some issues you would like to work on?