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2. What is most important when selecting an airport to travel to/from? (Rank in order of importance from 1-9, 1 being most important)

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Flight Schedule
Aircraft Size
Hotel Expense
Ground Transportation Expense
Ease of Use
Travel Time/Loss of Productivity
Depart/Return Same Day

3. What type of travel do you most often use airlines for?

4. What destinations most interest you?

5. In the next 12 months do you anticipate your air travel to. . .

6. What are the top obstacles you face when deciding whether or not to fly out of North Central West Virginia Airport?

7. When traveling, do you normally fly:

8. How many people normally travel with you?

9. What amenities interest you most in an airport? (Rank in order of importance from 1-7, 1 being most important)

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Gift Shops
FREE Parking
Auto Rental
Comfortable Waiting Area

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