1. Introduction

The Morro Bay economy has changed dramatically over the last century, but how and why the economy has changed is the subject of debate. In October 2006, the SLOSEA Economic Indicators Initiatives, in partnership with the Coastal Ocean Values Center at the Ocean Foundation, set out to explore recent changes in the Morro Bay working waterfront. Our goal is to understand changes in activities that depend on the environmental and ecological condition of Morro Bay and nearby areas of Estero Bay. To do this, we worked with agencies, the harbor district, and local stakeholders to develop a set of data on selected marine-dependent activities in Morro Bay. In many cases, our data collection continues and hopefully will result in the development of a constantly updated picture of economic change and environmental conditions on Morro Bay’s working waterfront. In the pages that follow, we introduce you to the data and explore your knowledge and opinions about the data and the factors that help explain the change in the Morro Bay waterfront economy. We need your help! Please take a look at the information and graphs on the following pages. Take our surveys and give us your feedback. We look forward to working with you to get a better understanding of the Morro Bay working waterfront.