1. How often do you use a smartphone (I-Phone or Droide) for business and/or personal use?

2. How frequently would you use a Smartphone to manage your bank accounts?

3. What features are most important to you when considering a Mobile Banking application for Smartphones?

4. If our Mobile Banking Application were available today from Horizon Bank, how likely would you be to download and use the banking application?

5. Which services provide enough value to you that a minimal fee would be well worth the convenience?

6. If Horizon Bank offered a Mobile Banking application, how likely would you be to open additional accounts at Horizon Bank?

7. If you currently use Mobile Banking elsewhere or have used the service in the past, what do you or did you like most about Mobile Banking from other financial institutions?

8. What changes would most improve Mobile Banking Applications currently available from other financial institutions?

9. Optional. Please indicate your age category.

10. Optional. Please indicate your gender.