1. Please tick both the appropriate sex AND age for you

2. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being able to interpret some map features and 10 being able to navigate in a fully automated manner in difficult terrain) how do you rate your navigational skill/experience?

3. What navigation tools do you carry when going into mountainous regions?

4. Please indicate the extent to which you utilise the following devices in YOUR navigational practise

  Always in use Often in use Used some times I do not use it
Smart Phone

5. Are you more likely to buy new (navigation) equipment because?

6. Would you rather

7. What do you consider the lesser risk to safety in navigation?

8. Which source of information do you consider to be most trustworthy?

9. Do you feel safer carrying a GPS/Smart phone device when in a mountainous environment?

10. Please use this last question to express your views on the use of technology in navigation and any positive or negative impact it may have