Yes! I understand change takes time and there are no quick fixes. Therefore I can commit to at least 6 months of effort.

Yes! I recognize Travis will be coaching me in nutrition, fitness & mindset.

Yes! I am aware that I am responsible for my part of the coaching experience

Yes! I am coachable, ready to learn, have an open mind, and am excited to either find out more information or begin as soon as possible!

* 1. What is your FIRST and LAST NAME?

* 2. What is your NUMBER?

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* 4. What is the most challenging thing for you right now? Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual? Please be as detailed as possible.

* 5. Have you tried coaching in the past? If so, what was your experience?

* 6. What would you like to accomplish by working with me?

* 7. Which are you mostly interested in? (Personal Coaching is often sold out and may not always be available)

* 8. How did you hear about my services?

* 9. Is there anything else I should know about you?

Once I receive your survey I will contact you within 72 hours to schedule your 30-minute complimentary phone session. During the free strategy session we will discuss goals and go over what service best fits your needs! My goal is to help you create freedom in your body and in your life so you can live your life in mastery!
I look forward to hearing from you! Travis:)