1. What is your age?

2. What is your gender?

3. In what city do you live?

4. Have you ever stored stuff in a mini storage container?

5. How many items do you List on EBay a year?

6. How many items do you List on Craigslist a year to sell?

7. What are your feelings about Ebay when it comes to Listing goods?

8. What are your feeling about Craigslist when it comes to buying and selling goods?

9. Do you or did you go to collage in the same state your parents live in?

10. Do you now or did you have a car while in collage?

11. Do you throw away stuff you could have sold on craigslist?

12. How many items a year do you throw away that you could have sold?

13. What do you usually do with stuff that you want to get rid of?

14. Would you pay for a service that sold stuff you no longer wanted or had a need for for you and sent you a check or made a deposit to your bank account?

15. What price range of a used good is the breaking point for you were it's not worth it for you to list stuff to sell online and might opt to throw it away.

16. Have you ever donated to the goodwill or other charitable service or company?

17. Do you collect a bag or box of stuff to donate threw out the year or season and then go and drop it off to a place like The Good Will or Salvation Army?

18. Do you have a smart phone if so what kind and why?

19. Whats more important to you when it comes to getting rid of stuff your board with or want to sell.

20. Do you feel good after giving to a good cause or charity?

21. If it were easier to give stuff to the specific charities you want and people you want to help either locally or nationally would you donate more stuff annually?

22. Do you think that people are good at heart and want to help others but maybe just do not know how?

23. If you could give to charities and those in need of your choice quickly and easly would you donate more stuff a year?

24. Do you have any other thoughts on what would make it easier for you to give more used stuff to those in need you would like to share with us?

25. Thank you so much for your time and energy! In the future we would love to continue to work with you! At what email address would you like to be contacted? Again this is optional and again thank you.