1. What is your age range?

2. Do you currently possess a John Lewis Partnership Card?

3. Which bank do you use for your everyday account?

4. If the John Lewis Partnership were to offer a banking service, would this be of interest to you?

5. Has your trust in high street banks decreased since the recent financial recession?

6. After the recession, would you trust department stores/supermarkets more with your money than actual banks?

7. When looking into a new bank, which factors are most likely to affect your choice?

8. Would you be more inclined to bank with the John Lewis Partnership if you gained rewards, such as vouchers to spend instore?

9. From the choices below, which bank would you be most likely to bank with?

10. If the John Lewis Partnership offered a different variety of accounts based on age, rather than just a standard current account, would this be more appealing?