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1. D20 Source Survey

Please fill in the following short survey.

1. Which editions do you play?

2. How often do you visit D20 Source?

3. Which type of articles would you like to see more of on D20 Source?

  Less Same / Don't Care More
Dungeon Mastering Advice
Opinion Articles
Player Advice
Product Reviews
Game content (4E)
Game content (3E, OGL)

4. How about the balance of 4th edition and 3rd edition content?

  Less Same / Don't Care More
4th edition
3rd edition
Other RPGs

5. Which of the following do you use for miniatures?

6. Suppose that D20 Source entered the PDF products market, and sold 20-page PDFs for $3.50 USD (£2 GBP, €2.50 Euros). Which of the following products would you buy?

7. Would you like to see D20 Source update more frequently?

8. Overall, how would you rate D20 Source?

9. Thanks for your time. Do you have any other comments or suggestions?