1. Pusle of the Industry - 2009 Why and what's this is all about

Last year at about this time I conducted what I called a "Pulse of the Industry" survey about social media and in particular Blogger Relations. 99 people - bloggers and people working on the agency and brand side - shared their insights. http://tinyurl.com/5q3kfp

Social media is a year older and continues to change rapidly with new challenges around every virtual corner. Brands and agency marketers continue to reach out to bloggers as a source of influence and a channel for message/idea distribution How to do it 'right' continues to be a hot topic in many of our digital and non digital discussions.

I’m curious to know if perceptions have changed in a year. What are the key issues regarding how bloggers want to be treated, what do brands need and how are agencies positioning this not so new tactic? What have we learned in a year and where should be be heading?

To give back to our industry the results will be posted on www.divamarketingblog.com My hopes are through this survey and series on Diva Marketing your insights will help move the conversation a step or two further along.

Thanks for your time and sharing your feedback.