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* 1. My student is a:

* 2. Did you attend Parent & Family Weekend 2011?

3. If you did not attend Parent & Family Weekend 2011, please explain why. Then, skip to question 6.

4. If you did attend Parent & Family Weekend 2011, will you briefly comment on your experience?

5. Please rate your overall experience at each of the Parent & Family Weekend events:

  I hated it. I disliked it. Neutral I liked it. I loved it! N/A
1. Picnic on the Plaza
2. Deans Reception
2. Breakfast with the President
3. Football Tailgate

6. Is there an event that you would have liked to see at Parent & Family Weekend that was not planned for you?

* 7. I would prefer to attend Parent & Family weekend:

* 8. I would prefer to register for future Parent & Family Weekends:

* 9. For a Parent & Family Weekend registration fee, I would pay up to:

10. Please leave us any additional thoughts or comments.