1. Tell us a little about you please.

2. What was the first thing you thought when you landed on the home page?

3. When you went to drag the button, was your bookmark bar showing

4. What was the first action you took, first thing you tried to do on the zextit.com homepage?

5. Was the information on ZextIt.com enough for you to 1. Add the bookmark to the page, 2. Send your first zext from a webpage?

6. When shopping did you remember to zext someone? If so, what made you remember?

7. What would you use zextit for?

8. What wouldn't you use zextit for?

9. Who would you zext?

10. From viewing to sending a zext what did you find easy and what did you have problems with?

11. When sending a zext from the bookmark window what did you like, don't like or what else would you want to do?

12. What type of browser are you using?

13. If you are a Chrome user, do you use Chrome Extensions

14. What would make it easier to Zext a Friend? (for example, if you could just right click the image)

15. Would you send to a group (think, sending the same Zext to multiple people)

16. Would you share a Zext with a Community to get feedback from anonymous people?

17. Would you rate and comment on Zext from a community of users?

18. Please enter the email address where you would like to get paid via PayPal